Craigslist Willys Jeep

Craigslist Willys Jeep Truck

willys jeep truck

The first Jeep Truck was very similar to the Willys Station Wagon which was produced virtually during the exact same time period. It also shared some commonalities with the Willys Jeepster and shared the same transmission with the CJ-2A. The unique element with the Willys Jeep Truck was that it was a pickup with a 1 ton and half ton rating. Common to other Willys vehicles of the time it had several engine options and variations over the years. This included the four (4) cylinder Go-Devil and Hurricane along with the six (6) culinder Super Hurricane and Tornado.

Willys Jeep Pickup Truck Specs

The Willys Jeep Truck was succeeded by the Jeep Gladiator which ran until 1988 which was then replaced by the Jeep Comanche. The Comanche was discontinued in 1992 making it the last Jeep pickup truck. There have however, been concepts and rumors of a reinvigorated and modern Jeep Gladiator.

Red 1948 Willys Jeep Truck Front Passenger View

1948 Willys Jeep Truck

Green 1961 Willys Jeep Truck Driver Front View

1961 Willys Jeep Truck